Still Spirit Whisky Cask Specialists

Why Still Spirit?


We are NOT a cask broker

There are many 'cask brokers' operating in the UK and globally, typically offering 'guaranteed returns’ at extremely optimistic %s.  Brokers are selling casks on behalf of others and generally do not own the casks they are selling, do not offer access to the cask to sample, and often do not have the correct licenses required to issue the proper ownership paperwork. 

Our group owns all of the casks being offered for sale and all casks are stored in our own warehouse in Aberdeenshire which was newly constructed in 2023.

We personally manage the cask ownership transfer and can issue the correct legal title (via a Delivery Order directly from the warehouse) for any casks that we sell and can act as a Duty Representative for any clients outside the UK.  In addition, our direct access to the casks makes it very easy for us to arrange samples for clients, regauge, bottle or take any other actions required with the casks.

Quality Assurance

All casks have been quality checked by our Still Spirit Assurance Checklist before being offered for sale:

1 – we own and control the casks in our group
2 – we draw samples and regauge regularly to ensure selling information is accurate
3 – samples are checked against our independent whisky expert quality rating system
4 – we inspect the wood and confirm we are satisfied with whisky ageing
5 – we ensure ongoing monitoring for irregularities, leaks etc.

A solid underlying assurance process is vital, however we believe the real test is for you, as a buyer, to taste the cask before you buy.  We have samples ready for all of our casks which can be shipped promptly to interested buyers.

Unrivalled after-sale services – managed in safe hands

Our private cask buyer programme has been carefully designed to ensure that customers receive unrivalled customer experience, not only during the initial purchase but equally throughout the lifetime of owning the cask.

As a Still Spirit cask owner you can enjoy a range of services, such as visiting your cask with ease, requesting a regauge, drawing your own sample or arranging a tasting event with friends – all managed by our friendly team.

Casks are stored securely in our dedicated warehouse

Our experienced team will monitor your cask regularly for any irregularities or leakage and can also arrange re-gauging, sampling or bottling on request.  

Our dedicated warehouse space and bottling line means it is easy for us to bottle all, or part of your cask (or even just 1 bottle each year to track evolution of the liquid taste)!

Exit Options

We can assist in a number of ways when it comes to exiting your cask purchase, from bottling to re-purchase offer or by re-selling the cask via our auction platform Whisky Hammer.  We can also prepare annual re-valuations of your casks to monitor value progress.

Whisky Hammer has sold over 100 casks for existing clients, with individual casks selling from £1,000 all the way up to £900,000 – see our historic cask sales here.  In 2022, Whisky Hammer broke the record for the highest value cask ever sold at auction.

Our extensive connections in the whisky trade (and with independent bottlers) help us to strengthen the final value of your cask.  The exit/re-sale can be fully flexible to suit your needs – for example you may wish to bottle a certain number of bottles of your cask for family/friends and sell the remainder – our team can assist with any structure that best fits for you.