Still Spirit Whisky Cask Specialists

Buying Casks

Our cask buying process is simple, and our expert team are ready to help along the way


Our expert team are ready to help find a cask from our extensive inventory that suits your budget, taste and objectives…whether for investment or for bottling to drink – or a bit of both!  When it comes to cask storage, we have 2 options for our customers:

  • Standard - £49.80 / year (for Barrels and Hogsheads) - this covers private warehouse rental only.
  • VIP - £99.60 / year (for Barrels and Hogsheads) - this covers private warehouse rental, plus VIP benefits:
    • 1 annual 70cl bottle (optional) - sent on the cask's birthday each year (P&P applies)
    • 1 annual regauge and cask sample - on request (P&P applies)
    • 1 annual cask warehouse visit - come and meet your cask, personalise with your name, host a tasting event for your friends (pre-booking required)
    • Dedicated cask manager ready to help with any questions during storage, or to assist in divestment at a later stage
    • Be the first to know about new casks for sale in our VIP Cask Alert mailing list

Cask insurance is mandatory with all purchases and is charged at 1% (+VAT) of the cask purchase value.


All casks sold by Still Spirit are owned by our group - this makes the transfer of legal ownership simple and swift.

A dedicated Still Spirit representative will assist you through the process to finalise the legal transfer of the cask.  This involves standard due diligence checks (review of ID and Address proof) which we need to perform on buyers.

Following these checks we will produce a contract for signing which will complete the cask purchase, and shortly thereafter we will provide the 'Delivery Order' in your name which will act as your proof of ownership.


Our warehouse team will regularly monitor your cask, assist with cask requests (re-gauging, sampling, bottling) and be available to organise a chance to visit your cask with friends!

If you decide to sell your cask at at a future date, we have a range of exit opportunities, from bottling, to part bottling, to auction sale on our auction business Whisky Hammer, to private sale to our existing network, etc.  Our Group of established businesses are experts in this field.

Whisky Hammer has sold over 100 casks for existing clients, with individual casks selling from £1,000 all the way up to £900,000 – see our historic cask sales here.  In 2022, Whisky Hammer broke the record for the highest value cask ever sold at auction.