Still Spirit Whisky Cask Specialists

About Still Spirit

Cask Management Team

  • Daniel Milne

    Managing Director / Co-Founder

    Whisky has always been around Still Spirit co-founder Daniel. It was in understanding all the factors that lead to the creation of the perfect dram that saw a fascination develop.

    With a background in accounting and corporate finance, Daniel co-founded Still Spirit as well as the global whisky auctioneer Whisky Hammer and now applies his expertise as Managing Director in a number of whisky-sector businesses. He combines financial and business experience with pursuing his real passion for learning and understanding old, interesting and rare vintages of whisky.

    A long-time collector of whisky, Daniel strives for innovation to continue adding fresh offerings for customers, bringing whiskies to clients that they can’t access anywhere else.

  • Craig Milne

    Operations Director / Co-Founder

    Craig’s operational expertise, forged during his time as skipper of a deep-sea trawler off the west coast of Scotland, now ensures the smooth sailing of the day-to-day logistics of Still Spirit.

    Growing up in Macduff, at the edge of the Speyside whisky region, whisky production has always been present in Craig’s life. It was its ability to showcase a window into history, offering the chance to smell and taste something distilled years, or decades ago that fascinated Craig.

    It was an interest in collecting whisky that saw Craig co-found Still Spirit as well as global whisky auctioneer Whisky Hammer.

  • Rickesh Kishnani

    Cask Director

    Transitioning from satisfied customer to investment director, Rickesh brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to Still Spirit. A passion for rare and exciting whisky led to his involvement in the business to help aid its growth.

    Brothers and Still Spirit co-founders Daniel and Craig Milne’s authenticity, work ethic and passion for customer experience were a natural match for Rickesh, who knew his skills would go hand in hand with the family business. Their combined love for the drink of Scotland, and appreciation for the patience behind casks to experience subtle changes over time influences their direction as cask specialists. 

Still Spirit Ltd ("Still Spirit") is a company registered in Scotland with the following details:

Company# : SC524004
VAT Registration # : GB338354586
Registered & Trading office: Still Spirit Ltd, Whisky Hammer, Udny, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 7PR, Scotland, United Kingdom.