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Cask Selling And Valuation

Still Spirit's expert team is ready to help discuss your current cask valuation and some options sell your cask.

Please Contact Us and we can talk you through the process which may involve a direct offer from our group, or alternatively looking at hosting the cask sale on our auction business Whisky Hammer.

Whisky Hammer has sold over 100 casks for existing clients, with individual casks selling from £1,000 all the way up to £900,000 – see our historic cask sales here.  In 2022, Whisky Hammer broke the record for the highest value cask ever sold at auction.

Our extensive connections in the whisky trade (and with independent bottlers) help us to strengthen the final value of your cask.  The exit/re-sale can be fully flexible to suit your needs – for example you may wish to bottle a certain number of bottles of your cask for family/friends and sell the remainder – our team can assist with any structure that best fits for you.